Sales Conditions

Vehicles Condition

Used vehicles are delivered cosmetically and mechanically verified, with the required ITV (MOT) and the corresponding mechanical overhaul for time or mileage.

Vehicles Mileage

The mileage is certified in the sales sheet that is submitted to the Government and in the 12-month insurance contract included in the purchase of the vehicle.

Vehicles test driving before purchase

You can test drive with us the vehicle of your choice without any obligations.

What does the price of the vehicle include?

The price includes the used vehicle with the guaranteed conditions in the previous section, all taxes to date, change of name and full tank giving you the chance to enjoy your new vehicle as soon as possible.

Valuation of your vehicle

We will do a valuation of your current car to determine if you can deliver it as a part of the payment of your new used vehicle.

Procedures to collect your new vehicle

Justify the payment and register the vehicle insurance so that we can change the name and proceed to the delivery of your vehicle.

Vehicles caracteristics

  • The list of options is indicative, it may be incomplete or incorrect.
  • For more information the vehicles are available to see in our garage.